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Core Values

ATC Tech. devoted in product innovation and cultivated markets


  • ATC Tech. devoted in product innovation and cultivated markets.
    Besides actively seek for new technique and develop new products, also enhance functionality and added value.
  • ATC Tech. has always valued research and development.
    We are active in introduce from abroad the advance technology to develop new products. Implement product diversification, to achieve globalization and the goal of continuous progress. We have achieved outstanding results in the global arena and continue to push our products to new areas.


  • Committed to globalization
    provide high quality services with reasonable price in global market.
  • To employees
    Emphasize on employee benefits, create ideal working place.
  • To shareholders
    Create reasonable benefits with satisfied return on investment.


Through consistent innovations and improvements, ATC creates a enthusiasm, positive, team Cooperation and a vibrant corporate culture.