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How to select inductors?

       Inductors, also known as coils or reactors, have passive dual-ended devices with different functions, such as for filtering, timing, and power electronics applications.

A power inductor stores energy in the form of a magnetic field as long as the current flows. The unit of inductance is Henry (H). In addition, the inductance can be approximated by an open circuit of the AC signal and a short circuit of the DC signal.

The inductance value is affected by several factors, the most common are as follows,

1. The size of the coil area, the number of turns in the coil, the length of the coil and the most important core material.

2. Cross section, the thicker the cross section, the larger the number of turns, the longer the coil, and the larger the capacitance.

3. There is a core that is larger than a core without a core, and so on.

    “Our team Acroparts Technology” has a professional team of engineers. Our team of engineers has a professional ferrite core design background, which helps our customers to customize the design and modify the core materials to achieve customer expectations. There are several types of inductors, some are SMD inductors (shielded, semi-shielded or un-shielded) and Leaded inductors (shielded or un-shielded) usually have magnetic cores made of iron or ferrite inside the coil. It is used to increase the magnetic field and thereby increase the inductance. On the other hand, an inductor having a magnetic core has losses such as hysteresis and eddy current.