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Novel Process Technologies Yield Automotive-Grade MLCCs

Novel Process Technologies Yield Automotive-Grade MLCCs

    Used for noise suppression and snubber applications of power supply circuits in vehicles, Taiyo Yuderi's

    latest multilayerceramic capacitors meet stringent reliability test standards.

Acroparts Tech. Co., Ltd. has commercialized nine items of HM-K105B7103KVHFE 1005-size multilayer ceramic capacitors(MLCCs) with medium to high rated voltages. We have achieved

about 75 percent downsizing from its existing 1608-size MLCCs by improving materials and process technologies it has nurtured over the years. These products are compliant with AEC-Q200 reliability test  standard for automotive passive components.

Hiah Performance. Reliability

    The latest MLCCs are used for noise suppression and snubber applications of power supply circuits in automotive information infrastructure equipment, including vehicle body, infotainment system, base station communication equipment, and servers.   In automobiles, power supplies that operate on 48V have been increasing. In addition, with the advancement of internet of things (IoT), information infrastructureequipment, such as base station communication equipment and servers, need to have higher performance, and switching DC/DC converters are used in power supply circuits to improve efficiency.

    In these power supply circuits, MLCCs are incorporated as snubber for noise countermeasure at the input side of power supply line and for countermeasure against noise generated by switching. For these equipment and systems, capacitors with a rated voltage of 100 V are used as they attach great importance to reliability. However, with functional enhancement and higher density mounting of equipment, downsizing is required  for MLCCs incorporated in these products.
  Acroparts Tech. has developed the nine items responding to these requirements. These 100V rated products offer capacitances of 470 to lOOOOpF.