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AI + IoT = AIoT — What Lies Behind the Buzzwords?

AI + IoT = AIoT — What Lies Behind the Buzzwords?

Originally published on on January 17, 2019.

  • AIoT = AI + IoT

Simply put, the AIoT is the intersection where AI and the IoT meet. This can be thought of as AI moving closer to the edge and letting a larger piece of the computational cake take place where the IoT device is located. Picture a surveillance system that runs facial recognition. Instead of sending any footage to the cloud for analysis, which will cause delays, the data is directly analyzed by the local AI device.


  • Drone traffic monitoring

Our cities are growing in three dimensions by spreading outward and upward (by buildings growing in height). Roads, however, are still mostly confined to two dimensions, which leads to increased traffic congestion as the city grows larger.

Monitoring and altering traffic flow based on real-time data can significantly increase efficiency and cut down congestion. Drones can be quickly deployed to cover large areas simultaneously. By arranging these devices in smart drone configurations, the drones can transfer data to edge devices throughout the city via wireless gigabit communication. By these means, information can be gathered in real time with the drones and then sent off for in-depth analysis by a device located nearby.


  • Conclusion

There is still a lot of hype around the AIoT, so the important thing when evaluating this technology is being able to separate what is currently feasible from what still lies in the future.

However, if you are able to see the past the buzzwords, there are nuggets of value already available that can enhance our personal lives and businesses.